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Litter 1

The puppies arrived July 4th 2012: 4 girls and 3 boys!

NORD VCH Arbetsviljans Björklöv "Lynx" & FIUCH BH Jones Juwel vom Lech-Toller Nest "Viljo"

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04.07.12: Lynx has given birth to 7 puppies in just one and a half hour - 4 females and 3 males! Both Lynx and the puppies are doing fine. The first pictures of the puppies you find here!

27.06.12: X-ray showed quite a few puppies. At least seven.

30.05.12: Today the ultrasound showed Lynx is pregnant!

24.05.12: Tuesday Lynx was not feeling very well, and was vomiting a couple of times. The time is suitable with implantation. so we are still optimistic there will be puppies found at the ultrasound next week.

21.05.12: The ultrasound is booked for next week. Lynx shows all the characteristic signs of being pregnant, so either she is, or she is very good at faking it :)

06.05.12: Lynx and Viljo have enjoyed a nice week together, and hopefully there will be puppies around July 5th!

01.05.12: The play has now progressed to more distinct behaviour :) Tomorrow is the day!

30.04.12: The Progesterontest showed that Lynx is just about to become ready for the mating. The perfect day is estimated to be Wednesday.
Viljo has paid us his first visit. Lots of playful behaviour between the two dogs, so they both seem to be satisfied with me and Minna`s choice of partner :)

28.04.12: Our male dogs have now been separated from Lynx, who now has a very interesting fragrance around her. Monday morning we will pay the vet a visit to have a Progesteron-test done. Viljo and Minna will be arriving town late Saturday evening, but we do not expect Lynx to be ready for the mating sometime later this upcoming week. That probably gives us time to do some training on Monday - or not. It is all up to Lynx :)

And some more very welcoming news about Mr. Viljo: two of his offspring on Evessin Kennel are now x-rayd free on both hips and elbows!

26.04.12: We have finally received our pre-approved kennelname! Now we just need to wait until the final approval from FCI before using it.
Patience is a virtue...

17.04.12: Lynx has been to the vets for her healthcheck, and everything looked great.

16.04.12: Lynx has gone into heat! We expect the matings to take place sometime in two weeks from now. If everything goes according to plan, there will be puppies in the beginning of july. We are probably lucky enough to have the male visiting us in week 18 (from around May 1st). As potential puppybyer, you are then able to meet with him in this period.

Lynx Viljo

Owner: Elisabeth Stene, Norway

Born: 23.05.09

Hight: 47 cm

Weight: 15,1 kg

HD & ED: AA/00

Eyes: August 2011: free

DNA prcd-PRA: A (normal/clear)

Owner: Minna Jatkola, Finland

Born: 26.03.06

Hight: 50-51 cm

Weight: 22-24 kg

HD & ED: AA/00

Eyes: July 2011: free

DNA prcd-PRA: B (carrier)



- WT, open class: 98/100p, 1. place 2011
- Winner of Huntingcup for Retrievers, open class 2011
- Clubchampion, Norwegian Retreverclub 2011
- 1st prize with honors and classwinner, retriever huntingtest
beginners class 2011


- Nordic gametracking champion - NORD VCH
- Finnish gametracking champion - FIVCH
- Norwegian gametracking champion - NVCH
- Swedish gametracking champion - SEVCH
- Qualified for the Norwegian National Team in the Nordic Gametracking Championship 2012
- Qualified and participated in the Norwegian National Team in the Nordic Gametracking Championship 2011
- Qualified and participated in the Norwegian Championship 2010 & 2011
- Several 1st prizes with honors, 2 x "Best Trackingdog",
2 x "Best Retriever"


- 1st prize LPI
- 1st prize LPI


- 2 x CAC and BOS


- Known mental status (shot=1)
- 10th place in the Norwegian Retrievercup 2011!
(The Retrievercup: Versatilitytrophy for all retrievers in Norway)



- 1st prize WT, open class, moved up to winner class
- 1st prize retriever huntingtest, open class
- 2nd prize tolling huntingtest, open class
- 1st prize retriever huntingtest, beginners class
- Passed NOU1 (qualification test)

- 9th place in the competition about the Tollermastertitle (hunting & show) 2011
- 2nd place in WT Eliteclass - Tollerspecialty 2010
- 2nd place in WT Open class - Tollerspecialty 2009


- 3rd prize open class


- 1st prize beginners class


- FIUCH - Finnish showchampion, BOB & BOS
- BIS Huntingclass Tollerspecialty 2011


- BH: Passed mental test for working dogs
- Known mentalstatus (174p), (shot= top score)

* Viljo in Koiranet *


The decision is made, and we are planning a litter for Lynx in 2012!
The mating will take place around May, if Lynx does not decide otherwise.

Lynx (NVCH SEVCH Arbetsviljans Björklöv) is a wonderful little lady, whom I learn to appreciate more and more for each day. She has proven to be a splendid hunting- and trackingdog with huge focus and will, from the very beginning. She always do what is expected from her, with lots of drive and happiness, motivation and attitude. She has been spontanious with game from puppyhood, has a nice grip and always returns spontaniously. She has an excellent off- and on-button. She is silent in all situations, also when practicing retrieving together with other dogs. Lynx is very cooperative, and is fully focused on the task and her leader during practice and in competitions. She is friendly, playfull and accommodating towards other dogs, and is extremely social towards humans. You will not see Lynx with bad behaviour towards other females or defending her toys, food or game.
She is just the easiest dog to have around.

Lynx started compeeting at the age of almost one year. In her debut, she won the gametrackingcompetition from 39 contestants, and the week after she won her second gametrackingcompetition from 34 contestants. Since then she has accomplished alot doing trails. Lynx became qualified for the Norwegian National Gametracking Team and the Norwegian Championship already at the age of 1 year. She easily got her Norwegian Gametracking Champion-title, and received her Swedish Gametracking Champion-title in her first attempt.

Lynx is first and for most my huntingdog. From the days I watched her in the puppy-yard, I saw she was a talented little lady. I do not want to destroy what I mean to see in her, and therefore we have been taking things slowly. Still Lynx has managed to win all the competitions she has attended. In her debut at retriever huntingtest, she received 1st prize with honors and won her class. She won the WT in open class with 98/100 points. She won the huntingcup in open class, and also became Clubchampion in the local Norwegian Retriverclub. Just for fun we attended an obediencetrial this autumn, where she got 1st prize and became 3rd best dog - without practice.

Lynx`s mother is Lönnlövets Karamell "Pyssla". Pyssla is an outgoing playfull female with lots of speed and drive. She has left very good offspring in her three litters, both when it comes to health and merits. Most of her offspring practice and compeet in retrieving. Pyssla is a showchampion and has obediencediploma in class I and II. You can read more about her on her website.
Lynx`s father is our own Søkkjelias Turbo Emil. Emil was initially bought to be a familydog, but he was so easy to train, and we soon became addicted to compeeting with him. Emil has many talents. Six of his eight championtitles are related to his workingskills, and two are showtitles. Emil has three litters and has left wonderful mentality, working skills and exteriour. Sadly he has one son who died from trauma against the neck or meningitis, and a couple of offspring who came back without free hips/elbows. Lynx is from a litter of eight puppies - seven females and one male. Both Lynx and all her siblings are healthy and x-rayed free on hips and elbows. Almost all of them have several workingmerits and titles, they have nice exteriour and do well in shows.

Lynx is a vital and athletic type of Toller. She is of good proportions, with a strong back, medium bone and excellent angulations. She is very fit and well trained, and has excellent movements. Just like her dad, she has been a late bloomer exteriourwise. The last few months in the autumn/winter of 2011, she has started to do really well. In November she went all the way, became BOS and got her first CAC.


Viljo (BH Jones juwel vom Lech-Toller Nest) is born at kennel vom Lech-Toller Nest in Germany. Many dogs from Doris` and Thomas` kennel are excellent workingdogs, as goes for Viljo and his siblings.

Viljo is one of six siblings - two females and four males. They are all successfull in practical hunting, huntingtests or agility. Viljo`s mother is Huntrets Lech-Toller’s Kiara. Kiara is a lovely female with lots of hunting- and trackingskills. She has been spontanious on game from the time she was a puppy. Her main talent is tracking, where she is totally focused all the time. All of her nine offspring, including Viljo, are x-rayed free, and are lively, friendly and focused. They have great self-confidence and great talent within hunting. A full review of her offspring can be found here.
Viljo`s father is Siphra`s Indiana Jones "Jouni". Jouni has been successfull within multiple sports. He has achieved a 3rd prize in retriever huntingtest winner class and a 1st prize in obedience open class. He has proven to be very strong in exteriour and is, among many other titles, international showchampion.

Viljo was the puppy with the x-factor, who his breeders would have liked to keep. Viljo lives with his owner Minna Jatkola in Finland. The two are a successfull team, making lots of nice results together. Viljo compeets in winner class in working tests, and he has a 1st prize in open class retriever hunting test. Three years old he became 2nd in WT open class at the Tollerspecialty. The year after he became 2nd in WT elite class, and in 2011 he finished 9th in the competition about the Tollermaster-title (work & show). He has also been compeeting a couple of times in obedience, where he has achieved a 1st prize in beginners class.
Minna describes Viljo as an excellent workingdog. She knows to value his very nice temper. Viljo is open and friendly towards all other dogs. He has a huge amount of cooperative skills, is playfull and lively. He is silent during retrieving. He has an extreme flair for game, and retrieves all kind of game spontanious and with a soft grip.

Viljo as passed both mental test for working dogs, and mental description. I believe his results will make an excellent match with Lynx, as they will double a lot of the personality I would like to see in a retriever. He is not aggressive or defencive, he avoids conflicts with other dogs, he is soft without too much courage, he has a lively temper, he is open and friendly towards humans, and he has a sound reaction to shots.

Viljo is a more compact type of Toller than Lynx. Even though he is vital and athletic. He is a masculine male with harmonic body, strong back and bonestructure, good coat and very nice angulations. He has two CAC with BOB and BOS placements. Summer of 2011 he became BIS-Toller with huntingmerit at the Tollerspecialty. Viljo has one other litter at kennel Evessin.


In this combination between Lynx and Viljo, we hope for puppies with a friendly, open and lively attitude. We also expect them to have a huge amount of dogtolerance. Both parents have pedigrees with multiple talented workingdogs, and we also expect the puppies to te born with this requirement. We expect them to be especially suitable for retrieving and hunting. Hopefully they will grow into healthy dogs with high cooperative skills and proper intensity to fit the tasks they are given. The puppies are expected to be spontanious on game.
Exteriourwise we believe that Lynx and Viljo will complement eachother perfectly. They have both major strong qualities, and where one has the lack of something, the other part has more.

Puppies from this litter will only be sold to people who has the time and involvement to give the pup what it needs when it comes to mentally and physical challenges. Puppybyers who wish for a dog for hunting and competitional purpose will be given the highest priority.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, or would like more info, you are welcome to contact us on e-mail or phone!

We are looking forward to give you more information about what you can expect from us and what we can offer you as soon as our apply for kennelname is approved!

The puppies` pedigree

(Inbreeding 1,3 % over 6 generations)

BH Jones Juwel vom Lech-Toller Nest

C.I.B FIUCH SEUCH MV-98 V-00 EUVV-06 Siphra`s Indiana Jones

SEUCH Rödrävens Björnbär

Rödahunds Saltstänkta Nimrod

SEUCH Drögstas Cat-Ri-Ona

C.I.B FIUCH EEUCH PMV-97 V-01 Westerlea`s Tornado at Siphra

CH Glenmaurs Casey Of Elias

CH Tunaka`s Vananne`s Ayla

Huntrets Lech-Toller`s Kiara

Nordwart Ädling

Harbourlights Heart Breaker

Harbourlights Pick Up Sticks

Rödrävens Ticka

SEUCH Drögstas Papageno

SEUCH Drögstas Cat-Ri-Ona

NVCH SEVCH Arbetsviljans Björklöv


NUCH Jenwill`s E Tello

NUCH Westerleas Canadian Rockies

Teufelwalds Gayl

Søkkjelias Amanda

Sajosa`s Darius Fox

Sunlit Fiona Novas

SEU(u)CH LpI LpII Lönnlövets Karamell

LpI LpII Ducktoller`s Curry

Bella Nova's Ole Brum

Kanadickens Sincerely Yours

SUCH SLCH LpIII LpII LpI Lönnlövets Piggelin

Kare Riverduck of Flottatjärn

Rödrävens Kantarell

More pictures of Lynx and Viljo

Lynx Viljo
Lynx Viljo
Lynx Viljo
Lynx Viljo
Lynx Viljo
Lynx Viljo
Lynx Viljo
Lynx Viljo

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