Kull 1 - Lynx & Viljo, dag 23/Litter 1 - Lynx & Viljo, Day 23

Almost as good as milk
Mr Green does not settle for anything less than being in the middle of it all
Miss Silver
Mr Green
Mr Brown - interesting substance...
Mr Blue & Miss Yellow
Miss Yellow accidently dipping her paw
Looong steps from Mr Green
Lynx seems to enjoy being a mother - and Miss Silver is trying to get yet another meal :-)
Grandpa Emil is carefully studying his grandchildren when they are outside
Miss Silver & Mr Blue
Lovely (and very naked) mummy Lynx
Life is really not that bad!
Mr Green & Miss Silver
Miss Red
Mr Blue - sleepyhead :)
Mr Blue & Miss Silver
I am beginning to doubt theese lazy puppies are actually becoming working dogs....!
Miss Purple