Kull 1 - Lynx & Viljo, dag 31/Litter 1 - Lynx & Viljo, Day 31

A very obvious place to fall asleep :)
Finding something interesting...!
Lilltle Miss Yellow hiding in the bushes!
Miss Purple testing her teeth :)
Hi, there!
Miss Purple with her scorpion-tail
"Are you becoming a vegetarian, Mr Green?"
Mum & Mr Green
Mr Brown running
Social little redheads :)
Ruff playtime!
Miss Purple
Miss Red
The innocent face of Miss Purple (looks can deceive)
Miss Silver
Mr Green
The photographer must be terminated
Not the worst place for a puppy
Mr Brown checking out the new environment
Nice stick! (Mr Brown)
Lynx is happy to have seven new playmates!
Mr Blue, Miss Yellow & Miss Red
Miss Red
Thank you for your time! Mr Blue