Kull 1 - Lynx & Viljo, dag 22/Litter 1 - Lynx & Viljo, Day 22

Miss Purple
Miss Yellow
Miss Yellow - the crouching tiger
The intense look of Mr Brown
What odd surroundings..! Miss Yellow & Miss Purple
Miss Purple
Miss Purple
The handsome Mr Blue & Mr Green
Mr Blue & Mr Green
Mr Green would like to steal a little taste from the milkbar of lovely mummy Lynx
The coolest Mr Blue. Nothing rocks this fellow :)
Mr Blue
Perhaps a future tracking dog - Mr Green
Miss Silver running with her tail held high!
Miss Red discovering the green grass
Miss Red
High tail on Miss Red as well
Miss Silver
Miss Red conquers the biggest mountains :-)
Miss Silver running up and down the steepest hillsides..!
Nothing like a good meal after being out all day
Miss Red & Mr Green
Mr Blue is quite satisfied with today :-)