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Litter 2

Born October 14th 2014:

NORD VCH Arbetsviljans Björklöv - "Lynx"


AKC/NSDTRC CH Aqueus Hop To It MH WCX VXC Can WC OA OAJ - "Pint"

Lynx Pint
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Owner: Elisabeth Løhre, Norway

Born: 23.05.09

Height: 47 cm

Weight: 15 kg

HD & ED: AA/00

Eyecheck: Clear August 2013

DNA prcd-PRA: A (normal/clear)

DNA CEA: A (through parentage)

CP1: A (clear)

JADD: probable clear

Owner: Danika Bannasch, USA

Born: 23.12.10

Height: 48,5 cm

Weight: 19,5 kg

HD & ED: OFA Good/OFA Normal

Patella: OFA Normal

Eyecheck: clear March 2014

DNA prcd-PRA: A (through parentage)

DNA CEA: A (through parentage)

CP1: A (clear)

JADD: probable clear

Cardiologi: OFA clear



- Qualified for Elite class - Retriever huntingtests
- 2 x 1st prize og 2 x 2nd placement Retriever huntingtest, open class
- Tolling huntingtest: 1st prize, beginners class
- WT, elite class: Clubchampion 2013
- WT, open class: 98/100p, 1st placement, Clubchampion 2011
- 1. prize with honors and classwinner Retriever huntingtest, beginners class


- Nordic gametracking champion NORD VCH
- Finnish gametracking champion FIVCH
- Norwegian gametracking champion NVCH
- Swedish gametracking champion SEVCH
- Qualified for the Norwegian National Team 2011 & 2012
- Qualified for the orwegian Championships 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
- Multiple 1st prizes with honors, 2 x 1st placement, 2 x "Best Retriever"


- 2nd prize LPIII


- Qualified for class C, tracking


- Qualified for class 3


- Cacib & 2 x CAC (Norway), 1 x CAC (Sweden), res-CAC (Finland)


- Known mental status, shot=1
- 5th placement and Best Toller in the Norwegian Retrievercup 2013. - 10th placement in the Norwegian Retrievercup 2013.



- MH - master hunter
- WCX - Working certificate excellent
- Can WC - Working Certificate, Canada
- VCX - Versatility excellent certificate


- OA - Open Agility
- OAJ - Open Agility Jumper


- AKC/NSDTR Champion


- Pint retrieves the Kick off tee at the UC Davis Aggies football games:
Pint`s own Facebook-profile

- Pint in Tollerdata


As the puppies from Lynx`s first litter are all healthy dogs with lovely working skills and wonderful mentality, we have decided to go for another litter with her.

Lynx (NORD VCH Arbetsviljans Björklöv) is a talented little lady, who has proven to be a splendid hunting- and trackingdog. She has had focus and will to please already from the very beginning. She always do what is expected from her, with lots of drive and happiness, motivation and attitude. She has been spontanious with game from puppyhood, has a nice grip and always returns spontaniously. She has an excellent off- and on-button. She is silent in all situations, also when practicing retrieving together with other dogs. Lynx is very biddable, and is fully focused on the task and her leader during practice and competitions. She is friendly, playfull and accommodating towards other dogs, and is extremely social towards humans. You will not see Lynx with bad behaviour towards other females, defending her toys, food or game.
She is just the easiest dog to have around.

Lynx started compeeting at the age of one year. In her debute, she won the gametrackingcompetition from 39 contestants, and the week after she won her second gametrackingcompetition from 34 contestants. Lynx was qualified for the Norwegian National Gametracking Team and the Norwegian Championship already at the age of 1 year. She easily got her Norwegian Gametracking Champion-title, and received her Swedish and Finnish Gametracking Champion-titles in her first attempt.

Lynx is first and for most my huntingdog. Lynx has managed to get a top three placement in all competitions she has attended. In her debute at retriever huntingtest, she received 1st prize with honors and won her class. She won the WT in open class with 98/100 points. She won the huntingcup in open class and elite class, and also became Clubchampion in the local Norwegian Retriverclub in bth 2011 and 2013.

Lynx`s mother is Lönnlövets Karamell "Pyssla". Pyssla is an outgoing playfull female with lots of speed and drive. She has left very good offspring in her three litters, both when it comes to health and merits. Most of her offspring practice and compeet in retrieving. Pyssla is a showchampion and has obediencediploma in class I and II. You can read more about her on her website.
Lynx`s father is our own Søkkjelias Turbo Emil. Emil was initially bought to be a familydog, but he was so easy to train, and we soon became addicted to compeeting with him. Emil has many talents. Six of his ten championtitles are related to his workingskills, the rest are showtitles. Emil has three litters and has left wonderful mentality, working skills and exteriour. Lynx is from a litter of eight puppies - seven females and one male. Both Lynx and all her siblings are healthy and x-rayed free on hips and elbows. Almost all of them have several workingmerits and titles, they have nice exteriour and do well in shows.

Lynx is a vital and athletic type of Toller. She is of good proportions, with a strong back, medium bone and excellent angulations. She is very fit and well trained, and has excellent movements. Just like her dad, she has been a late bloomer exteriourwise.


Pint is from Aqueus kennel, and breeder Danika Bannasch in USA.

He is one of six siblings, two girls and four boys. I am thrilled with his pedigree of talented working dogs.

Pint is a confindent male with lots of drive. At the same time, he has a lovely will to please. Pint is stable and focused, and has the strongest work ethics. He is silent when working, and he loves game.

Pint is not only a hunting dog. He also loves agility, and he even retrieves the Kick Off Tee at the University of California, Davis, Aggies Football games. In my opinion, this is not just good entertainment, but also tells me a lot about Pint`s mentality. An arena with footballsupporters is not an environment for every dog to handle. Pint has his own page on Facebook, where you can see videos of him working in the arena.

Pint earned his Master Hunter title at the age of two years, being the youngest Toller ever to achieve this.

Pint is a compact male with nice proportions. He is a sound mover with great bone and forechest, good angulations and a lovely coat. He easily became showchampion.

Pint has several litters. The owners of his offspring are very satisfied with their dogs. Many of them are highly skilled working dogs, and they have achieved many titles both in the field and in other arenas.

Pints sire is AKC/ NSDTRC CH Redrock's Straight Shooter Am/Can MH WCX "Shooter", a fantastic looking and talented huntingdog. Pint`s dam is MACH AM/NSDTR CH Aqueus Dutch Wood Polish MH CD RN MX MXJ OF WCX VCX "Teak". She is also a "multitalent", and among numerous titles, she is also a Master Hunter and Master Agility Dog.

I am so greatful to Danika for letting me use Pint as stud! I cross my fingers for a number of workable Norwegian/American puppies this summer!


I expect the puppies to have the greatest huntingskills and a solid temperament. We hope to see sporty dogs, capable of working for long hours.

Puppies from this combination between Lynx and Pint will only be placed with owners having the time and dedication to train their dog on a regular basis, with competitions, preferably huntingtests, as their goal. We do not sell puppies as family pets only.

If interested in a puppy from this breeding, please read our breeding page. If you are still interested, you are probably the puppybyer we are looking for! Please contact us, so we can learn more about eachother.

Puppy pedigree

Am/NSDTR CH Aqueus Hop To It MH, WCX, Can WC, NA, OAJ

AM/NSDTR CH Redrock's Straight Shooter Am/Can MH WCX ROM

GMH CH Foxgrove's This Bud's For You CDX US/Can WCX

Benili's Ghats

Can Ch Westerlea Elias' Tidal Wave SH WCX CD FbDCH

AKC/NSDTRC CH Cayuga's Casserina Ballerina JH NA NAJ WC

ARBA States CRS Can CH NSDTR Ch Cayuga's Hanford Way WC ROM

Kare's Cayuga Kali

MACH AM/NSDTR CH Aqueus Dutch Wood Polish MH, CD, RN, MX, MXJ, OF,WCX, VCX

The Rhineferry Tales of Rivers Gem

NL CH VDH CH Tollarbos Adle Henne Perechtinger

Ymra of Great Pleasure


NSDTRC(USA) Ch HR Lonetree's C. Quill Gordon CD WCX

U-CD HR Foxgrove's Quill Au Sable CD JH RE WCI

NORD VCH Arbetsviljans Björklöv


NUCH Jenwill`s E Tello

NUCH Westerleas Canadian Rockies

Teufelwalds Gayl

Søkkjelias Amanda

Sajosa`s Darius Fox

Sunlit Fiona Novas

SEU(u)CH LpI LpII Lönnlövets Karamell

LpI LpII Ducktoller`s Curry

Bella Nova's Ole Brum

Kanadickens Sincerely Yours

SUCH SLCH LpIII LpII LpI Lönnlövets Piggelin

Kare Riverduck of Flottatjärn

Rödrävens Kantarell

More pictures of Lynx and Pint:

Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint
Lynx Pint

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