Jakttrening februar 2011/Jakttrening February 2011

Fredag 18. februar møttes jeg og Irene for jakttrening på Øysand
Friday February 18th me and Irene went for practicing retrieving by the fjord

One can not imagine how much fun a rubber-duck could be!
But a 2,5 kilo rabbit is just heaven!
...but somewhat heavy....!
It does not matter - Lynx gets the job done with a really happy tail
Vito bringing his favourite back to Irene
Just as proud as Lynx :)
This is what a coffeebreak looks like for the four-legged individuals...
Lynx & Emil on the beach
Lynx - qutie!
Emil has absolutely no problem enjoying a session of retrieving
"Get it and hurry home!"
And the next one....
"Hah! It is a fake one!" ...but fun anyway!
My little happy lad :)
© Stene