Tur til Danmark og Mariendal februar 2011/Trip to Denmark and Mariendals February 2011

Utstilling i Fredericia - søndag/ Conformation in Fredericia - Sunday

Grete and Mariendals Red Nose SiRe Genie
Emil`s daughter Mariendals Red Nose Turbo Nala "Nala" has arrived!
Nala has never been in a showring before, and she certainly did not hide it! But either way - the judge adored her :)
Nala once again in my lap, where she had not been since she was five weeks old
Nala could in fact be mistaken for a young Emil...!
Emil`s daughter: Lovely Mariendals Red Nose Turbo Kiara "Kia" (yes, I know - she has no coat for the time being!)
Emil`s son: Mariendals Red Nose Turbo Mufasa - actually starting to look really nice I think!
Anina & Springer Nova`s Redborn Princess
Anina & Springer Nova`s Redborn Princess
BEST OF BREED and DKUCH: Mariendals Red Nose LeRa Tumle!!!! Congratulations, Heidi!
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