Jakttrening februar 2011/Huntingpractice February 2011

7. februar trente jeg og Irene med våre fire løpsmaskiner: Vito, Kiska, Emil og Lynx

February 7th me and Irene were training our four runningmachines: Vito, Kiska, Emil and Lynx

Emil ready for the free search
Kiska had her first meeting with a dummy today - and actually did quite well
This one (Vito), on the other hand, has been retrieving a few dummies - and shows no hesitation what so ever!
Again and again - flying high!
Lynx ready for a blind
...and then the kick-off!
"Look what I found!"
"A special one - only for you!"
Vito & Lynx after the trainingsession (lovely couple, don`t you think?)
...talented :)
© Stene