Sweden September 2012

Vessla (Arbetsviljans Hallongrotta)
Knixa (Blazing Fowler´s Det Kitty)
Gussen (Arbetsviljans Boklöv) has succeeded!
Wilma (Fågelsjöns Kayo) and Malin practicing their search
A very cold, but also very cute, Miss Lynx :)
Quite boring, Cæsar seems to be implying (although I can assure you, he loved it!)
One of our very much appreciated nannies, Anne-Marie!
Bolly, one of our two experienced instructors
Åse is very pleased with Gussen`s marking!
Lars is not totally convinced Weronica is right ;-) And miss redhead Enya is VERY sure the dummy is to be found in the opposite direction :-)
Malin & Wilma
Karin & Ozzy - on target!
The handsome Mr Kola (Arbetsviljans Kolakaka)
Jenny & Zelda
Anna & Vessla
Three sisters: Lynx, Zelda & Gussen
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