Finland September 2012

Redrivals Vinx Ducksniper "Jenta" is having fun with the coyote :)
"I`m not afraid of you, Mr!"
Jenta having a bite of her new owner, Marja-Liisa :)
This look could melt a rock...
A little qualitytime with kennelmum
Emil and Sidas wonderful son Mariendals Red Nose Turbo Simba "Simba"
Stroller no problem in the Finish woods! Just bumpy enough to make the baby sleep very well :)
Simba, Lynx & Sakke (Waterfox Zik-Zak)
The Finish and Norwegian relatives all together: Kati, Sakke, Simba, Lynx & Elisabeth
At least there was ONE very proud girl when Lynx got her new championtitles when she won the competition on Sunday in gametracking
Kati & Simba practicing their waterwork
Nice respond to the stop-signal
Mr Handsome
Absolutely no coat, but still pretty good looking I think
The naked siblings: Simba & Lynx
Simba & Lynx
Lynx & Jenta playing at Marja-Liisa`s and Janne`s house